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National Skill Training Institute Kolkata (erstwhile known as A.T.I Kolkata) situated on sprawling 30-acre campus was established in 1961 as pioneer training institute under the aegis of D.G.T, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt.of India. Its former name – Central Training Institute for Instructors (CTI) was changed to A.T.I. when the institute was upgraded with the launching of Advanced Vocational Training System (AVTS) program me in October 1977 with the assistance of UNDP/ ILO/World Bank.

“Prototype Ambu-Bag based Automated Mechanical Ventilator” (or Respirator)

NSTI Kolkata Howrah, through MoU and technical expertise of M/s Electro Meter Corporation (EMC) Kolkata, has developed a “Prototype Ambu-Bag based Automated Mechanical Ventilator” (or Respirator) useful in treating COVID 19 patients.

The uploaded video of the demonstration can be viewed on YouTube via the link:


Successful story of NSTI Howrah



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